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What is Satyanand Hospital Elderly Care Services ?

Satyanand Multispeciality Hospital was founded in October 1995 by Dr. Naveen Raina MD (Psychiatry) and Dr. Amita Raina MD (Medicine) in honor of their revered mentor, Swami Satyanand Saraswati, an exceptional yogi. The hospital encompasses a 30-bed facility spanning 10,000 sq.ft., providing semi-private, private (AC) rooms, luxury (AC) rooms, and a 6-bedded ICU equipped with state-of-the-art amenities.

Who is the founder ?

Dr. Naveen Raina MD (Psychiatry) and Dr. Amita Raina MD (Medicine) – Dr. Naveen Raina is a MBBS and MD Psychological Medicine from Armed Force Medical College (AFMC), he is also a Ex Army Doctor having served in ‘Siachen Glacier’, Certified Adolescent LIFE Coach From Certified Coaches Alliance, Canada, Trustee Satyanand Research Institute (SRI) and Over 25 years of expertise of helping clients achieve physical, mental, social and spiritual well being.

What are the type of services available to people at Satyanand Hospital Elderly Care Services ?

Accommodation Sharing, Single, Double, Deluxe, Luxury, Priv, Semi Priv, AC, Capacity – 30 Beds, 10 to 11 Kms from Shivajinagar Pune, Types of Food Available – Normal, Bland, Diabetic, Liquid (Nasogastric feeding), Facilities available on extra payment – Physiotherapy, Bedside Patient Attenders, Freezer Box, Oxygen, Water Bed / Alpha Bed, Suction, Ayurveda & Homoeopathy, Access to Specialist Consultants, Nature Cure, Ambulance, Wound / Bedsore Dressing, Intensive Care Facilities, Guest Food & Accommodation, Nebulization, ICU Care, Nasogastric Feeding (Ryles Tube Feeding, PEG Feeding), Facilities included in the monthly package – TV (Television), Food (Vegetarian), Laundry, Spiritual discourse & Satsang, Telephone (Intercom only), Psychological Counseling, General Physician Checkup (Daily), Accommodation, Supervision, House Keeping Services, Geriatric Care, Indoor Games (Carroms, Chess), Nursing Care (24/7), Monitor Oxygen, Dressing, Guest Stay, Dr. Consultation, Hair, Cutting/Shaving, Parking, Milk/Coffee, Newspaper, Cable Charges, Oxygen Monthly Rental

Who are the Key Persons involved in caring for the elderly persons ?

Dr. Naveen Raina MD (Psychiatry) and Dr. Amita Raina MD (Medicine) & The Satyanand Hospital Staff (Doctors, Nurses, Etc.) Expertise – Senior Physiotherapist, Medical Superintendent, diabetologist,  Neurophysician, Cardiac, Surgeon, Gynecologist, Dental, Ortho, Dermatology, Psychiatrist, Ophthalmologist

Any other facilities in the home ?

We provide comprehensive Day Care facilities from 8 am to 9 pm, catering to individuals who prefer to remain within the comfort of their families for personal reasons. Our services encompass a wide range of amenities, including food, entertainment, healthcare consultations, recreational activities, access to a library, and yoga sessions, all available at reasonable charges. Additionally, we also accommodate individuals seeking short-term stays, whether for weeks or months, on a payment basis.

What are the benefits to the donors ?

Donations made in the name of Satyanand Research Institute (Public Trust Reg. No. F-6117) qualify for tax exemption under section 80G of the income tax act. Your generous contribution will not only be a kind gesture but also support a noble cause championed by the institute. https://sri-trust.org/

If children are away for Residents and sad demise occurs what happens ?

Indeed, the promoters diligently gather all the necessary information in such situations. Every effort will be made to swiftly communicate the sad news through the fastest means to the relevant individuals. In challenging circumstances, and with written authorization from the concerned parties, the management will respectfully perform the final rites according to their religious beliefs.

Will you accept bedridden people ?

Caring for the sick and bedridden is not only our specialty but also our forte. Approximately 80% of our residents require bedside care, and we offer dedicated bedside attenders at an affordable rate. Our mission is to transform old age into a golden age for you, providing the utmost care and support.

Memory care, Dementia care, Hospice care, Palliative care, Aging in place, Active aging, Senior companionship

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